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How to go there

Route 1

When you travel from Matale you have to take the Elkaduwa road on the left side.Then you have to reach the Elkaduwa junction which is a small city. From Elkaduwa,you have to take the Hunugala road. There will be a 2- 3 km drive on the Hunugala road to the beautiful Sembuwaththa Lake. (Don’t worry – you will be guided by the name boards from Elkaduwa junction)

Route 2

There is another alternate way that you can reach this place is from Kandy. Go to Waththegama through Katugastota and Madawela . Take take the Matale road. After travelling 500 m , get the Elkaduwa road ( Hunnas Falls Hotel road ) on your right side. From Elkaduwa , travel 2-3 km along Hunugala road.

Note : The road from Elkaduwa to Sembuaththa Lake is narrow and too many bends. Road is not in very good condition but can be reached by a car.